Welcome to J&A Racing international 2024

Your first blog post!

Your first blog post!

Posted by James Flanagan MD J&A Racing International on 15th Feb 2014

Welcome to our exciting new J&A Racing International website for 2024.

We are adding more exciting products daily and will be sending newsletters monthly to keep everybody up to date with our new product releases.

We have a new secure payment processing system that should make things much easier for everybody to process their orders.

If you have any feedback for us the please leave a review or a blog here. Please send us an email if you have any questions we are always happy to help.

J&A Racing was formed back in the 1992 with the need to produce more reliable components than the standard kit spares that were available. We were racing 1/8th scale off road at the time way before 1/5th scale was around and we were going through standard spares like crazy. This gave us problems with reliability and handling just at the wrong time. All our initial parts were manufactured on manual machines and we progressed from there where today we are using full production CNC machines in our factory in Dorset. Being a racer for many years all our components are manufactured to withstand the extensive wear and tear that a model racing car goes through something that has to be seen to be believed with melted gears and twisted chassis etc.

All our products are manufactured from Aerospace materials and provide a reliable solution to wear and tear parts that need constant replacement.

We manufacturer a huge range of Rc car parts and we are adding new parts on a daily basis to our range we and always welcome new parts. We aim to improve your reliability in an all in one engineered CNC solution.

Regards James

Please email me with any questions you may have:- info_request@jaracing.com

Some of our Feedback:-

Great seller. Thanks
1/5th Scale off road Tyre foams set of 4 ( Suitable for FG1/5th Scale off road )

Awesome service, superb item . Many thanks
1/5th Scale wheels & Tyres set of 4 ( Suitable for FG 1/5th Scale off road )

Happy happy happy
FG 1/5th Scale Shock Absorber Cap ( 1 x Pair )

Top seller
FG 1/5th Scale Jmex Alloy Wheels ( Set of 4 requires no glue for fixing tyre's )
Very happy works great

FG 1/5th Scale Differential( CNC Machined From Aerospace Alloy!!! )
ok 10+
FG 1/5th brake pad support plate fits all models ( Set of 4 )